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About Us

Why we choose to Start Financial Advisory–The New Advisor started with a very focused approach – How can we offer good quality wealth management solutions to the mass, keeping only client interest in mind, that also at very affordable price. Financial planning & good quality financial advice should not be made a luxury service.

Currently the Middle Class&HNIs are offered Insurance Products,Personal Loans, Housing Loans &Credit Cards but no one offers them a proper & genuine advice on how to manage their money.

What is common to all the above mentioned products, they all attract high revenues for the manufacturer and the agents. Someone’s financial ignorance is the other’s gain, so there is no effort to create financial awareness.

Who We Are?

To address these points, two professionals: Devendra and Bhuwan, each individually having spent time in the financial field started an online/offline wealth management solution for all. Technology has helped us to reach & provide solutions to all at an affordable price.

The new advisor

What we want to achieve in this partnership

Financial Advisory in Udaipur
Educate Client

Create Financial Awareness & Literacy


We will not promote use of financial jargons


Plan without action is of no significance. Make your plan execute them, monitor it’s progress, evaluate them. We help you re-balance your portfolio from time to time.

Client Focused Approach

We will keep our client interest first. Focus on providing solutions that best suit to client’s interest rather than just selling products.

Empower client

The right treatment is related to correct diagnosis and understandings requirement. We aim to gradually handhold investors to become financially aware. We want them to be in complete control of their financial position


Investment decisions are more driven by emotions than logic, we want our experience to guide investors through emotionally challenging times.

Transparency in dealing

will be absolutely transparent in our dealings

Use of Technology

We will be make use of all the medium of communication known us to serve our clients better

When we went deeper into the market we found some interesting insights:

Best Financial expert
Financial planner in udaipur

Majority of participants are Agents

They do not have any Financial Planner or Advisor – all they have are agents

Best Financial expert in udaipur

Commission Driven

Commission drives agent’s recommendation without actually trying to understand the investor’s need

Greed and Fear Theory

The hard-earned money invested is guided by strong emotions

Financial Consultant in Udaipur

Lack of experience and knowledge

There exists a gap for an expert advisor who has seen various market cycles and has skill-set to guide investors and prevent them from committing emotional mistakes (entering and exiting at wrong time)

Mutul Fund in Udaipur

Lack of Trust

Lack of transparency from Agents. Need for complete, simple & clear disclosure.

Mutul Fund in Udaipur

Majority of participants are Agents

They do not have any Financial Planner or Advisor – all they have are agents