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Financial Planning

"Without goals and plans to reach them- You are like a ship that has set sail with no destination" – Fitzhugh Dodson

Everyone has dreams & desires and you are no different. If you wish that your child should go to the best of colleges and you do not have to compromise for want of money. You wish to live in a home, which you can call your own. You wish for a car that drives You crazy. You want to travel across the world and yet retire rich. You want to retire from work but not life. You will love to be financially self-reliant & self-dependent in your twilight years.

A simple solution to all these goals is to plan your finances well. We suggest a comprehensive Financial Planning for this purpose.

Financial planning Process

Financial planning simply helps you to put these goals in paper, quantify them, put a price tag to each of your dreams, prioritize them, provide a disciplined approach & roadmap for fulfilling your goals. Once you have embarked upon the financially planned journey, it helps you to manage your plan from time to time to ensure that you are always moving to your target.

It is a long-term process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. It is a process, which starts with the identification of your specific goals. Once this critical phase is complete, important data is gathered and your goals are analyzed in terms of your ability to achieve them. Specific strategies and alternatives which help you achieve your goals are then developed and documented. A specific action plan is then implemented to assure that your overall plan comes to life. Once your plan is up and running, it should be reviewed periodically to assure that you are moving to your goals. These goals may include

Buying a House

Buying a Car

Child's Education

Daughter's Marriage

Retirement Planning


What are the 2 things that are common to these dreams and aspirations?

  • It's a dream that most of us have.
  • We have these dreams in our heart and goals in our mind.

Plan Your Goals in Advance

Most young professionals today do not plan their finances - some because of a lack of awareness about its benefits, others because of their belief that they do not require it at the initial stage of their careers and some others because it may be expensive for them now. The sooner you start investing, the more time your money will have to grow - pure and simple "compounding" or the "snowball effect" on your money.

We are professionals who have spent time in the financial services industry. We have started an online wealth management solution for the masses. Technology is the enabler that helps us to reach & provide solutions at an affordable price.

We understand it has to be personalised – At “The New Advisor” it is all about you because we understand that each individual is different from the other so are their Goals. We have learnt that values, fear & concerns with regard to money are also different. So we spend a lot of time and simply listen to everything that matters in drawing a good financial plan.